Welcome to 2 Be Determined

Who is 2bd?

  • We're all about teamwork. That means we play BF4 with organized gameplay, strategy, and special tactics to make us stronger players and a stronger team.
  • Casual players can enjoy a member driven clan. We play BF4 together and participate in weekly intramural scrimmages.
  • We value members with experience and skill. All players have a positive K/D ratio.
  • Many of our members play BF4 competitively, fielding teams in both the US and EU.
  • Leadership is designed to serve the members' needs. Team management has a system of checks and balances.
  • Our members are from all over the globe.

Active Gamers

We are active gamers! We play frequently, most of us daily. No matter what time you get home, someone is always on and ready to play.


Like most communities we have our own public BF4 gameservers. Unlike most communities, we have Tier 1 bandwidth to ensure the best connection.



Competitive Play

Our team will be competing in Battlefield 4 on release and is recruiting competitive players now!


Our website is mobile-friendly so its easier to stay connected across all platforms when you're on the go.

Casual Play

We love playing games! For those of you who like to play pubs, our philosophy is guaranteed to show you how to win and have fun!

Online Communities

We have a presence on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Steam and Battlelog to provide a fully integrated experience for our members.


Whether you are a new player and want to improve your game, or a veteran with hundreds of hours seeking a team where you can play your best, 2bd is your community.